BCC02 Scripture

# Sessions 07
DATE/S24 FEB |, 31 MAR & 07 APR 2021
TIME 7:30 pm - 10.00 pm

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 MODE *Online 
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Course Description

In this basic course, catechists will discover the fundamental principles that under-gird and animate the great themes of Sacred Scripture. The following fundamental principles will be covered over seven sessions.

Session 1: Reading and Interpreting Sacred Scriptures – Part 1 
Session 2: Reading and Interpreting Sacred Scriptures – Part

Session 3: Intro to Sacred Scripture
Session 4: Semitic Roots of Christian Scripture
Session 5: Typology: Christian Fulfilment of Semitic Hope
Session 6: Salvation: Primary Message of the Scripture
Session 7: Parousia: The Destiny of All Creation

Course Purpose
The objectives of this course are for catechists to:

  • Appreciate Sacred Scriptures and Tradition as important sources for catechesis (GDC 127),
  • Be introduced to a faith-filled reading of Sacred Scriptures and practice of prayer (GDC 175) through Lectio Dvina and Ignatian contemplation,
  • Foster a deeper relationship with God through Sacred Scriptures so that they truly become encounters with the Living Word.

Rev. Fr Valerian Cheong

Who should attend

  • Catechetical Coordinators & Level Coordinators for Children and/or Youth

  • All Catechists & Assistant Catechists

  • Catechetical Assistants & Facilitators

  • RCIA Coordinators, Facilitators & Sponsors.

Suggested Course Material

CLICK HERE for a list of Catholic bookshops in parishes and across Singapore. 

History of the Kingdom of God, Part 1 

by Sofia Cavalletti

Liturgy Training Publication

April 1, 2012

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Please Note
  1. Attendance - Participants must achieve 80% attendance for the modules registered. Please inform us if you are unable to attend the session.
  2. Course Notes - All course notes will be available via soft copy.
  3. Punctuality - Participants are encouraged to be punctual. Being more than THIRTY (30) minutes late for any session is deemed absent.
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