Office For Catechesis (Archdiocese of Singapore)

Catechesis of children and youth in Singapore

In Singapore, the catechesis of children and youth takes place in 28 parishes usually from when they are in Primary 1 till they receive the Sacrament of Confirmation (usually in Secondary 3 or 4). Sessions are about 1 and a half hours long once a week and conducted by volunteer catechists. Young people are prepared during these sessions to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist (usually when they are in Primary 3) and Confirmation (usually when they are in Secondary 3 or 4)

Some parishes run catechetical programmes for pre-schoolers as well as post-Confirmation sessions.

Catholic schools in Singapore also run catechetical sessions for Catholic students and these are considered additional enrichment sessions. Sessions are usually about 20-30 minutes once a week and conducted by volunteer catechists and Catholic teachers. Depending on the school, these sessions may take place during the regular curriculum time or before or after school. To find out more about catechesis in schools, please visit the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools website.

Please note that attending catechesis in a Catholic school does not replace the need for children and youth to attend parish catechetical sessions as they are to receive their first Sacraments in the parish.

If you would like to find out more about the catechetical sessions in your parish, please contact your parish catechetical coordinator or contact our office.

If your child has missed catechesis and is already in Primary 3 or older, you may consider enrolling your child in the Bridging Programme (please see below)

Small group sizes
Sacramental Preparation

The Bridging Programme

If you have a child from Primary 3 to Secondary 1 (9-13 years old) and who:

  • Is baptised but never had formal catechesis and wishes to start
  • ‘Dropped out’ of catechesis and wishes to rejoin
  • Comes from overseas with no formal catechesis
  • Is unbaptised and wishes to be baptised and will join catechesis thereafter; 
  • Your parish does not have a special programme for him/her; 

you may consider placing your child in the OFC Bridging Programme.

What is the Bridging Programme?

Managed by the Office for Catechesis, the Bridging Programme is a catechetical programme for children.  The aim of the programme is to initiate the children into the liturgical life of the Church and to help them build a relationship with God.  It uses the baptismal catechumenate model which allows for ongoing discernment, and will include sacramental preparation, namely baptism, first Reconciliation and first Eucharist. 

How long is the Bridging Programme?

The programme is modular and runs for 4 terms (corresponding to the same schedule of MOE school terms). We accept new registrations in January, March, July and September every year.  Children enrolled in this programme are expected to complete 4 terms before they can return to their own parishes to join the relevant level the following year.  

Where is the Bridging Programme conducted?

The Bridging Programme is currently running at 3 centres: 

Sessions are 1 and a half hours long and held on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Please contact for more information.

How are parents involved?

Parents are expected to meet with their children’s catechists at the end of every term to review their child’s faith journey.  In addition, a parent formation session will be conducted for parents every term, to allow parents to come together as a community to pray for their children, as well as to experience for themselves, some aspects of the programme that the children would experience.  This would enable parents to further dialogue with their child about their own faith experience.

How do I sign up my child?

Please  fill in this registration form AND contact your parish catechetical coordinator if you think your child is eligible for this programme. 

 You may also email for further details or call the Office for Catechesis at 68583011.