Children and Youth Catechesis

The name of catechesis was given to the whole of the efforts within the Church to make disciples, to help people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God...and to educate and instruct them in this life and thus build up the Body of Christ. 

Catechesi Tradendae (1979) #1  

The word catechesis comes from the Greek meaning "to echo the faith" meaning that catechesis or the handing down of the faith is an interactive process in which the Word of God re-sounds between and among the proclaimer, the one receiving the message, and the Holy Spirit! 

Catechesis is a life-long process of initial conversion, formation, education, and on-going conversion. Through word, worship, service and community, it seeks to lead all God's people to an ever-deepening relationship with God who reveals himself in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Catechesis takes many forms and includes the initiation of children, youth and adults in an intentional and systematic effort to enable all to grow in faith and discipleship. In Singapore, the catechesis of children and youth takes place 29 parishes where they are prepared by volunteer catechists. Besides the preparation to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist (usually when they are in Primary 3) and Confirmation (usually when they are in Secondary 3 or 4), it aims to nurture disciples of Christ at the end of the ten year journey who are Christ-centered, mission-minded and contributors in the community that God called them to.  

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Catholic schools in Singapore also run catechetical sessions and these are considered additional enrichment sessions.