What are you seeking? Feel a stirring in your heart for some time now? Seeking for an answer to questions in your heart? 

Wherever you are on your quest, we welcome you. God continually calls us into a relationship with Him.  This journey begins with you answering God's invitation to seek.

We warmly invite you to journey with us as we look for answers together.

List of RCIA Journey Start Dates


Cathedral of the Good Shepherd | More info

Enquiry email: cathedral@catholic.org.sg 

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Office for Young People | More info

Enquiry email: rciy.oyp@catholic.org.sg 

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Church of Our Lady of Lourdes | More info

Enquiry email: colol.secretariat@catholic.org.sg  

Church of St Alphonsus (Novena Church) | More Info

Enquiry email: rcianovena@gmail.com 

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Church of St Bernadette | More Info

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Church of St Michael | More Info

Church of St Teresa | More Info

Enquiry email: cst.secretariat@catholic.org.sg 

Church of Saints Peter and Paul | More Info

Church of the Sacred Heart | More Info

Enquiry email: rcia.sacredheart.sg@gmail.com 

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St. Joseph's Church (Victoria Street) | More Info

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Church of Christ the King | More Info

Enquiry email: query.rcia@gmail.com 

Enquiry email: dragontsk@gmail.com   

Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea | More Info

Email to: rcia.olss@hotmail.com   

Church of St Anthony | More Info

Enquiry email: csas.rcia@gmail.com 


Church of the Holy Spirit | More Info

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Church of the Risen Christ |  More Info

Email to: iwanttobeaCatholic@gmail.com   

Email to:  rciyrisenchrist@gmail.com  

St Joseph's Church (Bukit Timah) | More Info

Enquiry email: sjcbt.secretariat@catholic.org.sg 

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Church of St Francis Xavier | More Info

Enquiry email: rcia@sfxchurch.sg 

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Enquiry email: rciy@sfxchurch.sg 

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Church of St Vincent de Paul | More Info

Enquiry email: rcia.svdp.sg@gmail.com 

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Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary | More Info

Enquiry email: rcia@ihm.sg  

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Church of the Transfiguration | More Info

Enquiry email: rcia@transfiguration.sg 


St Anne's Church | More Info

Enquiry email: sac.rcia@catholic.org.sg 


Church of the Divine Mercy | More Info 

Enquiry email: rciacdm@gmail.com 

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Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour - More Info

Enquiry email: rciaatolps@gmail.com

Enquiry email: olps.rciamandarin@gmail.com

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Church of Our Lady of Queen of Peace | - More Info

Enquiry email: teiktiong@yahoo.com 

Church of St Stephen | More Info

Enquiry email: s3tephen@gmail.com 

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Church of the Holy Family 

Enquiry email: chf.secretariat@catholic.org.sg   

Church of the Holy Trinity | More Info

Enquiry email: rciaht@gmail.com  


Blessed Sacrament Church | More Info

Enquiry email: rcia@bsc.org.sg 

Church of St Francis of Assisi | More Info 

Enquiry email:  administrator@csfa.sg 

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Church of St Ignatius | More Info

RCIA - email: st.ignatius.rcia@gmail.com   

RCIY - email: st.ignatius.rcia@gmail.com   

Church of St Mary of the Angels | More Info

Enquiry email: rcia.stmary@catholic.org.sg 

Church of the Holy Cross | More Info

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