[BCC] Liturgy: The Mass

How does the liturgy celebrates both the paschal mystery of God and our relationship with Him?

Come and learn how to appreciate the rituals and symbols as expressions of the way the church enters into the mystery of Christ

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Children's Bible Camp | Service Team Recruitment

Calling out for enthusiastic volunteers (13 years old and above) to join us in creating memories and nurturing young hearts as we bring back the Children's Bible Camp! 

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OFC Volunteer Recruitment

The work at the Office For Catechesis (OFC) is expanding along with the growing catechetical needs and burgeoning mission of the Archdiocese. With these demands, OFC are seeking volunteers who may be called to this mission in a time like this.  If you are interested and feel called, kindly check the list of opportunities available and fill in the Google Form to express your interest.   

For further queries, feel free to contact us at  enquiry.ofc@catholic.org.sg

How to become Catholic

By Fr Terence Kesavan

Published On: June 26th, 2024

What is RCIA? What happens and how long is the process? The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) prepares non-Catholics to join the Catholic Church. 

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What is Catechesis?

Hear our Catechetical Director, Fr Terence Kesavan describes what is catechesis?

The name of catechesis was given to the whole of the efforts within the Church to make disciples, to help people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God… and to educate and instruct them in this life and thus build up the Body of Christ.  

(Catechesi Tradendae (1979) #1) 

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Registration for Bridging Programme 2024 is now closed.  

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