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    22 July 2021

    Taking reference from MCCY’s advisory,  “PHASE TWO (HEIGHTENED ALERT) TIGHTENED MEASURES FOR RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES'', dated 20 July 2021, guidelines suggested by OFC with regards to catechesis for children, youth and adults can be found  HERE

    For all latest updates, please refer to

    23 July 2021

    For our mental well-being in difficult times:  Many of us would have felt the impact of the news about the challenges faced by the children and youths with regards to their mental and spiritual well-being. With Singapore also entering into another phase of tightened measures, the realities of the situation stemming from the stress of working from home and anxiety that may surface from it can be overwhelming. Read what you can do as aWhat you could do as catechist HERE

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    2020/2021 Liturgical Calendar

    Catechesis Continuity Plan (v3.0)

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Catechetical Awareness Weekend - 21 / 22 AUG 2021

Walk with me hopes to highlight the role of catechist as “accompanier...and a traveling companion with patience and a sense of gradualness” (DFC 113). It hopes to inspire a generation of catechists to journey with their candidates and help them to “mature in the Christian life and journey toward God” (DFC 113 cont’d)

We all are called to walk with Him to echo His name and hand down the faith. We are gifted with the chance to share Jesus with someone else. It is part of what being a disciple of Christ is. It is from this same depth of love that the call to echo His name in your parish stems from. 

Walk with Him. Echo His Name.
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Upcoming Courses

CEC07 - Can I ask you something... About SSA?

3 Sessions
Day: Saturdays
Dates: 28 Aug | 4 & 11 SEP 2021
Time: 9.00 am - 12.30pm 
Mode: In-Person
Venue: CANA Upp. Bt. Timah
*Prerequisite BCC05 Human Sexuality

For more information, click here.

FCC02 - Learning to Listen and Facilitate

5 Sessions 
Sessions 1-3
Dates: SAT 28 Aug, SUN 29 Aug 2021
            SAT 04 Sep 2021  
Time:  2.00pm - 5.15pm 
Sessions 4-5 
Dates: MON 6 Sep, WED 8 Sep 2021 
Time : 7.30pm - 10pm 
Mode: Online
For more information, click here 

BCC05 - Human Sexuality**

6 Sessions

Day: Tuesdays
Dates: 14, 21,28 SEP | 05, 12, 19 Oct 2021
Mode: Online
Time: 7.30 pm - 10.00pm 

**Prerequisite  BCC04 Introduction to Morality

For more information, click here.


CEC02 - Sacraments

3 Sessions
Day: Wednesday
Dates: 15 ,22, 29 SEP 2021
Time: 7.30 pm - 10.00pm 
Mode: Online

For more information, click here.

RCIA03 - Liturgical Aspect of RCIA



Starting on Pentecost Weekend 2020, the SEEK and SHARE campaign celebrates our Catholic faith

by encouraging EVERY Catholic to share their faith to potential inquirers of the Catholic faith. 


Is there more to life on earth? 
Is there life after death?
What are you seeking? 
What does it mean to be a Catholic?

  • SEEK provide Inquirers, people keen to know more about the Catholic faith, with
  • Useful information of the RCIA journey, and
  • Stories and videos of faith journeys, and
  • A sign-up page to be an Inquirer


Looking to deepen your faith? 
Keen to give back to your parish community?
Wish to learn more about traditions an practices of the Catholic Church?
Excited to share your  Catholic faith?

SHARE provide Catholics with useful resources to share their faith 
  • Be part of this campaign through your social media platforms. Download and share campaign messages with people who may be seeking the faith.
  • Resource from the Office of New Evangelisation (ONE) 
  • A sign up-page to be a Sponsor
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Archbishop William Goh

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