Become a Catechist

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” ​

Jeremiah 29:13

What does it take to be a Catechist?​

Catechist / Catechetical Assistant

(Children and Youth) 

Catechetical Trainee 

​(can be attached to FY - L6)

Expectations of those in the Catechetical Ministry

All those involved in the work of catechesis are role models of Catholic teachings and values. They are expected:

Recommended Courses

Foundational Course in Catechesis

The course is considered as an essential course that every catechist should attend.  It provides fundamental  knowledge, as well as, methodology on how to catechize and use OFC's curriculum effectively

Basic Course in Catechesis

The course equips catechists with basic knowledge of the Bible, Liturgy and the Catechism to be able to engage candidates during catechetical sessions.

In addition, catechists are required to attend the Archdiocesan Catechist Retreat organized by OFC or one of the following retreats: 

Elective Course in Catechesis

and more...

Craft of Catechesis Workshop

and more...

I'm keen to be a catechist, what's next?

OFC conducts courses, throughout the year, to help equip catechists with sufficient basic knowledge and methodology (pedagogy) on how to catechise, as well as, to use OFC's curriculum effectively.

Our recommendation is to complete the Foundational Course in Catechesis (FCC) and Basic Course in Catechesis (BCC). The timeframe to complete the FCC / BCC is 3 years, from the start of the first course.

In the meantime, we suggest contacting your Parish Catechetical Coordinator for a chat to find out more about being a Catechist.

You may consider downloading this form for submission, however, please check if your parish has its own version of the application form.

Eligibility for Access to Catechetical Exchange


Pre-requisites for access to Children’s Curriculum (Foundation Year 1 to Level 6): -

Pre-requisites for access to Youth Curriculum (Level 7 to Level 10): -

Highly Recommended requirement for Youth Catechesis:


Participants who had previously completed Parish Team Training or Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy (before 2015) need only attend the Catechetical Methods component of this module. Notwithstanding, participants are encouraged to attend the course as a refresher as new content has been added. If you need further clarifications, please drop us a mail at  

Access to Catechetical Exchange​

Click here for access. 

If you have lost your access to the exchange, please email us at: